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JonSmokeShop.Com is an American based herbal incense, herb grinders, & smoking accessories retailing business focused on product quality and speedy deliveries. We have been in business since 2009 and have sent over 13,000+ orders world wide, and because of our amazing history, we know exactly what our customers want..

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Our salvia for sale is the #1 best selling salvia in America! We have been selling salvia online since 2009 and have had over 13,000+ happy customers.

What is salvia?
Our salvia extracts are made using the best "Salvia Divinorum" plants from Mexico. The extracts themselves are made in high tech and contaminant safe laboratories in Canada, thus making a very safe and clean product. The salvia itself is placed in sanitized and resealable bags. We then import the salvia extracts into the United States so we can offer fast shipping to our customers.

Have you tried salvia before?
Salvia is a safe and legal psychoactive that has been used for many many years. After smoking salvia, users can usually expect a 3-5 minute dream like state that causes deep spiritual thoughts. The salvia effect itself only last for 5-10 minutes. After a salvia experience, users will feel no side effects or hangover. To achieve a stronger trip, buy salvia is a higher extract such as 40x salvia or 60x salvia.

How do I smoke salvia?
The best way is to use a water pipe to smoke salvia. You can use normal pipes and vaporizers, but we suggest using a water pipe. Using salvia with rolling paper will not work. We also suggest using a torch to burn the salvia when smoking it, Bic lights can work, but to get the maximum effect we suggest using a torch.

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Kava dabs is one of the newest Kava products on the market! Our kava dabs are very very strong and we suggest that you only use "one dab at a time" :)
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What Do We Sell?

In order to provide our customers with only top quality products, we have a limited inventory of products. This is because we only buy and sell the highest quality smoking blends, vaporizers, and accessories on the market.

Smoking blends have been called numerous things over the past decade, including; herbal incense, spice, K2, legal bud, herbal blends, etc. The 3 most common nicknames for smoking blends are herbal incense, spice, and K2. Please note that there are two very different types of smoking blends.. smoking blends with chemicals sprayed on them, and organic smoking blends without chemicals. All of our spice for sale, K2 for sale, and herbal incense for sale are 100% organic.

Salvia Extracts are a very well known organic extract from the salvia plant that gives the user a 2-3 min rush of intense feelings. Our salvia’s for sale are very very strong and we recommend that most people start out with our 20x salvia extract first, and only more experienced users should try our 60x salvia extract. We are one of the worlds biggest salvia retailers and have been selling salvia for over 10 years now.

Vaporizers are becoming a big hit in the USA because they make smoking cleaner and easier, plus vaporizers hit harder than most other methods (except for water pipes). We sell all kinds of vaporizers including vape pens, tabletop vaporizer, and normal portable vaporizers.

What Are Your Payment & Shipping Methods?

We currently only accept Visa cards, direct deposit, and Western Union. Please check out our payment details page for the most current details.

We process orders offline and we only charge your card when we ship your order. If the product is not in stock, then we will not charge your card. You will be emailed when whether your order is accepted or declined when we process orders. We’re an American company and follow strict credit card industry guidelines, your information is safe with us.

All orders are sent stealth mode. We do not put any labels on the envelopes and use a “real” generic business name when shipping. No one will know what you ordered. We have next day shipping on all orders, we process orders in the morning at around 10:00 AM Pacific time (California timezone).

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All of our products are 100% natural and do not contain any chemicals.
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