Can I Pass A Drug Test?

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How many times have you had to take a drug test but haven’t been able to pass it because of some substance in your body? Would you like to pass your next drug test but still be able to smoke? The solution to passing drug tests is to use herbal smoking blends rather than other products.

Question: Can I pass a drug test if using smoking blends?

Answer: Yes of course you can.

One of the leading uses of smoking blends in recent years has been the ability to pass drug tests. We all know how routine drug tests can be a big pain, but now you can enjoy smoking blends and still be able to pass a drug test. Of course, the surest way to pass a drug test is to not do any drugs or smoke any products for awhile before your test.

Drug tests are conducted in various ways and can be random. The major types of methods for detecting drugs in your system include hair analysis, blood analysis, saliva and sweat analysis and urine analysis. Each type of analysis detects the presence of drugs in your system has its own method and effectiveness.

The Benefit of Smoking Blends

People use smoking blends to curtail their habit of smoking other products. They continue the habit of smoking something, but it is not addictive like cigarettes. The benefit of smoking blends is that they are 100% legal in many parts of the world. They also do not contain nicotine, tobacco, or THC.

Smoking blends are made with different types of herbs combined in one blend. These blends can be dry or made into a paste. The herbs used have been around for centuries and have been used by indigenous cultures of the past in many ways. Many ancient cultures have used the herbal smoking blends for religious, ceremonial and medical purposes. Most commonly, the herbal blends assisted divination ceremonies, played a major role in spiritual healing and for relaxation as well as euphoric states.

Recently, people have revisited these herbs and have created natural and legal smoking blends that offer mild relaxation effects. There are different types of smoking blends in the market today and each one has its own characteristics. These include Salvia divinorum, herbal incense, Kratom and so on. Most of these products are fairly new in the market while others, like Salvia, have been around for some time. Using one smoking blend over another depends on preference.

Using smoking blends to pass drug tests and still be able to smoke a product that has an effect on the body has become increasingly popular and effective. Many people have a difficult time quitting the habit of smoking a harmful product like cigarettes. Smoking blends, on the other hand, offer a safe way to continue smoking a product but also not failing a drug test.


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Comment by Brian Rudderow, November 17, 2014

Hmm I don’t know if this is such a good idea. The thing about trying to pass a drug test is that if they find out that you are trying to cheat they will suspend you anyway so why even take the chance to begin with.

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