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Diffuser Beads are a must for any water pipe user that loves big smooth hits. These beads make it possible to get the best smoothest hits you will ever get.
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Product Description

How to Use Diffuser Beads?

1. Pour the diffuser beads from their container into the main chamber of your water pipe.

2. Add water until it reaches the desired level, usually an inch or two above the down stem.

3. You can also put water in first and add the diffuser beads afterwards.

4. Pack a bowl, light it, and inhale without your lungs or throat hurting.

Simply place the round diffuser beads into the main chamber of your water pipe or bubbler by pouring them out of the clear container they come in, and then inhale the smoke as you would normally. You will see and feel the difference, as the hundreds of beads cause the smoke to break up and cool down. Diffuser Beads work to cool down the smoke by adding more surface area to the smoke, just like a diffused down stem.

What are "Blue Diffuser Beads"?

At Jon's Smoke Shop we are constantly looking for products that are going to help our customers have a better smoking experience. One special product we are most proud to introduce is our green diffuser beads selection. After much testing, we have found that this is a great way to change up your water bowl. You can get single colors added, or you can get crazy and use multi colored beads! It is a great way for smokers to make the most of their experience and enjoy the cooling effect the beads create. Here is
how it works. You put the diffuser beads into the main chamber of your water pipe. You add water until it partially covers the beads- normally an inch or two above the stem. You pack the bowl and light it! It’s that easy. Yes it looks cool, but there also is an added practical benefit to using diffuser beads. It breaks up and cools the smoke as you inhale. This adds more surface area to the smoke, much like a diffused down stem. That cooling effect is going to be noticed immediately as you take your first puff from the water chamber. Imagine being the first one of your friends who has this cool element to add to their smoking experience!

The great thing about our product is that the beads are simple to use and even new smokers are going to love the intensity of the experience with them. Not only do they change the smoke, but they also are pretty nice to look at! You are going to love the selection of diffuser beads we have- red, green, blue, black and glow in the dark beads! It’s a great addition to your smoking experience but it also looks really cool! Just imagine the people who are going to ask you where you got this cool effect for your pipe during your next get together. This novelty item is both cool looking artfully and practical in application. Plus, you can customize it by picking one color, a few colors or mixing all available colors every time you pull out your pipe.

You can purchase our diffuser beads in a variety of different ways too. They come in single or multiple jar quantities. Of course the more jars you buy, the more you save so be sure to consider that when making your purchase. The most cost effective way to purchase our beads is via the six jar quantity where you’ll be paying just $10.99 per unit! If you do choose to purchase single jars though you are still going to find that ours are highly affordable. Remember too that we offer discrete and quick shipping for all of our products. Test out diffuser beads the next time you want a unique smoking experience that is not only intense, but also looks like a lot of fun! They are the new trend in water pipe smoke for good reason. Why not be the first of all your friends to have them?

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