Payment Policies

1. You place your order on our website:

2. We ship your order to you via USPS C.O.D (Cash On Delivery). You will be emailed a USPS tracking number when your order is shipped.

3. When your order is shipped to you, the USPS postman will knock on your door and require you to pay by cash or check for your order. If you pay by check then you must make the check payable to “HRP”. After that you may enjoy your order :)

All of the products we sell are compliant in all states and countries that we ship too. However, you must know your own local, state, and federal laws to be sure that accepting and/or paying for these products are fine in your area.

For our retail customers we offer a few different methods of payment, right now we accept Credit/Debit cards and money orders. We have some info about each payment method, if you have anymore questions feel free to ask us, we will be happy to help :)

C.O.D – Collect On Delivery

C.O.D [Collect On Delivery]: We currently only accept C.O.D [Collect On Delivery] within the USA, which is a very popular checkout method. We charge a $4.99 fee (for any sized order) for all cash on delivery orders, that is the same price that USPS charges us so we don’t make any money off you. We can not ship orders via C.O.D outside of the USA.

How does C.O.D work: After you select the products you want to order, start the checkout process normally. Once you are on the “view shopping card” page that says “Step 1 of 3 – Enter Your Information” at the top, there will be drop down menu at the start of the checkout forms that says “Pick Your Payment Method:”. On the payment method drop down bar, select “Collect On Delivery – Cash Or Check” and then proceed to fill out the rest of your info and click the “Go To Step 2″ button at the bottom of the page. Once you are on the next page you will see “Step 2 of 3 – Confirm COD Order” at the top of the page, scroll down and look over your info to make sure everything is correct. Your order is NOT complete yet, at the bottom of that page you will see a button that says “Click Here To Finish Order”. Click on that button and then your order will be completed. You will be sent an email with your order number after you complete the ordering process.

Once we get your order we will look over your order to make sure everything is good, we will then ship the order out the same day or the next business day depending on the time of day you ordered.

C.O.D orders are sent the same exact way as all the other orders and take the same amount of time as others. Once the product gets to your town the order will go out for delivery, once your postman gets to your residents he will knock on your door and ask for payment for the product. You may pay the postman with cash or a check. If you pay with cash please have the correct amount ready, sometimes the postman forgets to bring change with them. If you pay using a check then you must make out the check under our business name “HRP”.

Can I pay with credit card using C.O.D? Actually you can pay with your credit card with Collect On Delivery, instead of paying for the order when the postman comes to your residents, simply tell him or her that you will have to pay later with your credit card. They will not give you your order at that time, later that day or the next day you have to go to your local post office and pay for the order inside the store. Tell them your name and address and they should be able to find your shipment from the back room, then since the order is C.O.D they will ask for payment, and then you can use your credit card to pay for the order at the counter.

If you miss the postman or are not home when they delivers your order, then they will redeliver the shipment a few times and leave you notices each time they try to deliver it. If you miss the redeliverys then they will take the shipment to your local post office where you can go and pick up the shipment at anytime during the day.

Please remeber to write checks out to “HRP” when paying with checks on C.O.D shipments. Also there is a $5.99 fee for all C.O.D orders no matter what size they are.

Bounced Checks: Under Idaho law, if your check bounces due to any reason we will charge a $20.00 fee along with the original check price. If for whatever reason you do not pay that invoice then we have no choice to take you to Idaho small claims court under Idaho law. More info here.

We understand that sometimes bounced checks happen accidentally, so if this does happen please call us ASAP and we will work with you on this matter.

If you have any questions you can contact us at You can also check out our facebook page as well.